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Capacity:DDR3L,1Gb,128Mb*8, 64Mb*16
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  Qixin Semiconductor Circuits was established in Taiwan in 2010. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was based in Taiwan as a distributor. It mainly served the electronic industry terminal customers in Hong Kong, the mainland, the mainland, the mainland, and the European and American electronics industries. It provided electronic product channel trading industry solutions. After many years Steady and healthy development The company is based on years of service experience in electronic channels and good cooperative relationships with upstream and downstream partners, thereby integrating industry supply chains, technology research and development combined with marketing and industry trends, and finally launched internally in 2015

  The construction of the DRAM business unit and the launch of its own brand QCHIP will be directly managed by the group directors.

QN3B1GH capacity: DDR3, 1Gb, 128Mb*8, 64Mb*16

QN3R2GH capacity: DDR3, 2Gb, 256Mb*8, 128Mb*16

QN3R64M16M Capacity: DDR3L, 1Gb, 256Mb*4, 128Mb*8, 64Mb*16

QN3R64M16T Capacity: DDR3L, 1Gb, 128Mb*8, 64Mb*16

QN3R128M16M Capacity: DDR3L, 2Gb, 512Mb*4, 256Mb*8, 128Mb*16

QN3R128M16T Capacity: DDR3L, 2Gb, 256Mb*8, 128Mb*16



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